"Realize the true protential of your embroidery machines."

ColorBox Digitizing

"Since 1997, it has been our goal to provide you with truly top quality embroidery digitizing from the United States. With the motto Every Stitch Counts, our digitizers are trained to digitize using manual controls and not rely on auto-digitizing programmed by the software. Give us a try and let us show you our definition of quality. You won't be disappointed." Scott Peebles - founder & CEO

We consider the total cost of the project with your bottom line in mind. We have direct experience with running machines and operations, which has a huge impact on the methods we use to create embroidery files. ColorBox knows how to produce the highest quality embroidery possible. Our files run much more efficiently as a result. The embroidery digitizing fee is only one small part of the project. However, we feel it is the most important part. It's the foundation of the project. Today's modern digitizing software has many built-in automated tools available to the digitizer, which results in many short cuts that can and are utilized by the typical digitizer. This results in sloppy embroidery and higher costs. Using auto-digitizing features and pre-programmed keyboard text will lead to useless and redundant stitches within the design. These useless stitches create a longer machine run time. In many cases, using a ColorBox digitized logo would save money over a poorly digitized logo provided for free.

We maximize efficiency by manually digitizing all underlay, tie-ins and tie-offs. Relying on the software to create the underlay will always create stitches that are unnecessary. These useless stitches lead to a longer run time and lower profits for the embroiderer. We are not concerned with how fast we can digitize a logo. Our concerns are how fast, clean and profitable the machine will embroider the logo. Other digitizing firms base their success on their profitability. We base our success on your ability to make a profit and deliver to your customers the highest quality embroidery possible.